workforce cloud system

| 21 November, 2016

The world of time and attendance, and workforce planning today is in the beginning of the new revolution, the engagement with multiple systems and spreadsheets that require finance and HR to faster and accurate time calculations and on line overall working hour analysis.

In response to market and customer new requirements, many companies developed a new generation of software’s that demand high quality of server and network, this requirement become impossible for the small to medium business.

For that purpose, Synel has developed Harmony cloud as a unique workforce management cloud system.

By working with Harmony cloud the client may edit the employees data, view and reporting the employees time and attendance data and all by using the internet browser – anywhere anytime they wish.

Mr Erez Buganim said that Harmony cloud with the strong and reliable data process and analyzer make it achievable for any client without the dependence of the Server and IT requirements for such software size.