Global workforce management biometric market!!

| 05 April, 2016

At 2014 the global biometric workforce management market was valued at USD 2.19 billion. Biometric technology become very popular in the workforce management market for time and attendance systems. The workforce management market spread in may sectors such as government, healthcare, and many SME all over the world. Every day many Employees all over the world using different type of Biometric technology such as fingerprint identification, facie recognition, and other Biometric workforce management market growing very fast thanks for the market demand for biometric-based identification for employee’s time and attendance and security. Biometric workforce management market segmentation

• Identification 45.91%
• Access control 45.62%
• Monitoring 8.47%

Synel Mll Payway Ltd. One of the leading workforce management high technology solution and the only company with overall organization solution. Synel manufacture and developer of Facial recognition and fingerprint identification solutions.


Face recognition stand alone

  • High speed digital processor.
  • Standalone Access control application
  • up to 300 users less than 1 second
  • 100,000 records
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Time & Attendance and Access Control applications.

  • Linux-based fingerprint biometric terminal,
  • Graphic color screen
  • built in camera and a speaker.