workforce management cloud

| 20 April, 2016

Harmony cloud from Synel Mll Pay is the unique workforce management cloud  solution that serve organization HR and managers for updating organization service, editing employees data, view and reporting the organization employees attendance data, all using the internet browser – anywhere anytime. Harmony cloud data flow on-line and available for employees that can view and edit attendance and absence and for Managers that can confirm or reject the employee’s attendance / absence changes. Internet remote:

  • Employees can display and edit attendance data;
  • Managers can approve or deny employees updating request;
  • Department/branch managers are updated online;
  • Periodical email alerts of missing attendance data;
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission

System enables:

  • Simple and useful attendance report
  • Allow updating employee attendance / absence data
  • Manager approve or deny employee updated data
  • Up to 5 hierarchical organization levels
  • Automatic e-mails alert employee / manager for attendance update request and monthly report confirmation
  • Cloud service and Harmony maintenance performed by Synel
  • No need for server and software operator
  • Friendly and simple to use

Harmony cloud