Workforce management estimation questions

| 15 November, 2016

When considering working with Harmony cloud you should ask your management team for the following question, this question will estimate the amount of time and efforts your company lose every month.

In this section we’ll ask the important questions to help estimate the annual benefits of time and attendance management:

How many employees do you have?

How many pay periods do you have?

How many locations do you have?

What is your industry?

How many payroll type does your company have?

What is the average annual fully loaded cost of a payroll?

How many people (often admin) assist payroll?

What percentage of this payroll is overtime? Enter figure or leave blank.

What percentage of the staff inflates the number of hours worked (payroll inflation)?

Do you expect additional reductions in payroll, in ways other than those discussed above (payroll error rate, paid time off, overtime)? If yes, by how many dollars or what percentage?

If you have a union, do you have problems with resolutions of grievances?

Do you have billing reconciliation (e.g., staff who charge their time to other departments or to clients)?


Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that Many clients have chosen SYNEL‘s technology thanks to the:

Internet remote uploading, feeding, control and viewing attendance data. System Advantages:

  • Employees can display and edit attendance data;
  • Managers can approve or deny employees updating request;
  • Department/branch managers are updated online;
  • Periodical email alerts of missing attendance data;
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission.