Does your workforce management can handle Events?

| 17 March, 2016

Harmony from Synel Mll Payway ltd. The leading workforce management system that can monitor the regular card-swiping event and irregular events such as: Invalid card alarm: card reader in this card-swiping place has not been authorized by the system; card of the same brand and category of the system but not belonging to the system; card of other brand and system that can be resent by the system;

  • Repeated access card (Passback) alarm: repeated access refers to the situation in which a card is swiped to enter into the management area and swiped again for entry without swiping for exit (no matter whether it is the same door or not).
  • Overlong door opening alarm: after the valid card is swiped to open the door, an alarm will be generated when the opening time of the door exceeds the setting value (the setting value can be modified).
  • Intrusion alarm: an alarm will be generated when the door is being forced open; an alarm will also be generated when the card reader, connection cable, door status sensor, etc. are broken.
  • Coerced alarm: when the cardholder is threatened or kidnapped, soundless alarm can be generated only by inputting special characters or character combination to immediately inform the security guard management center.