Age 67 is the Official retirement age at Israel.

| 29th October 2019
Age 67 is the Official retirement age at Israel.
About a year ago through an article in the Calcalist, I reviewed the existing/ non-existing need for retirement in the economy according to today’s occupational nature and the unique benefits that characterize this area of employment.
The conclusion of the article was to cancel the legal obligation of retirement due to inconsistency with present times.
In the article, I reviewed the rising life expectancy and health that characterizes today’s senior citizens compared to the past.
Senior citizens are highly motivated to work because of the projected low wages and the need to prove their relevance at an older age.
In a survey that Synel conducted with more than 10,000 organizations in the Israeli economy, it was found that 67% of employers would allow good employees to continue their work.
Although the law allows both parties to continue working after this age, there is a certain psychological barrier that prevents us from seeing this phenomenon in the economy.
When the desire is mutual, and the need is clear, the conclusion is also clear.
The duty of retirement must be eliminated not only legally but also in the psychological form among business owners. This option should be taken into account as relevant and genuine.

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