Does the Corona undermine the occupational certainty of the employee or employer?

| 23rd July 2020

Erez Buganim

In these days, when there are millions of unemployed people in the world, the bargaining power of the employee seems to have weakened significantly and passed to the employer. Thus, many organizations understand that the bargaining power of the employee no longer exists as before and exploits the situation for layoffs and far-reaching organizational changes.

It turns out that the answer here is not black and white. The ruler position in individual job security for each employment sector, the employee’s capabilities and the organizational function he fulfills. Employees who are recognized as an asset to the organization and with a wide range of capabilities, as well as those capable of adapting to a variety of varying requirements in the organization, are in a great bargaining position, perhaps even more so than in the past due to high demand for employees with flexible and soft capabilities that can benefit the situation of organizations and companies in times of crisis.

In a study published in the early days of the Corona by research and consulting firm: Vailor, the main concerns of remote workers were examined when 27% answered that job security or their income was their primary concern long before their illness or of their family.

At the same time, the employee’s understanding that he must take his fate and take care of his future and his job security himself, while expanding his capabilities to become a more significant asset in the competitive and demanding job market that is developing these days, especially in the post-Corona era. This is how we find employees looking for new and fast-paced career instead of their failed career branch, or employees who continue to work in their workplace and care for the day after, while maintaining their professional development and acquiring flexible and soft capabilities.

Therefore, employers and organizations should not assume that their employees are in an inferior bargaining position, do not operate in a vacuum, and perform a cautious assessment before making decisions that affect their employees and which take into account the current and future parameters of the organization in the strategic view. For if they fail to do so, they may find themselves in a situation when their employees have the upper hand the next day.

What will the day look like after the world of employment?

The Corona has taught the world economies an important lesson. Today, relying solely on the high-tech economy and exporting most of the manufacturing sector to China is seen as a mistake. There is a broad international understanding that the economy must be established by expanding the range of state-owned operations and manufacturing sectors. Thus, already soon, additional blue-collar jobs are likely to be opened, enabling the production of low-tech products that were previously considered China’s sole asset.

In the meantime, the US is planning a major cut off from China’s dependency while creating a suitable lobby in the world that will broadcast China and prevent it from becoming an economic and technological power holding personal information on many of the world’s citizens.

And in the aspect of human resources, employees also derive their lessons. Thus, we will meet more employees work for their personal development more intensely to increase their bargaining power and value, working in several places at varying doses, or at least maintaining occupational ‘alertness’ while reducing their workplace dependency.

As these and other changes grow, occupational certainty will return to the employee’s lot and big time.


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