Harmony improvements

| 2nd August 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing said that After months of hard work, we are delighted to inform the new Harmony improvements release. Here are some key changes

Main improvements that add in Harmony version

  1. In order to improve the processing procedure a queue server was added for transactions processing.
  2. The Notifier server was add to the Cloud interface.  Z
  3. A new Schedule plan add to Work Schedulemodule enables to plan a work schedule by services, qualifications and preferences
  4. A new Manager view permission by cost center – A user with permission for specific cost center may view all other employees that reporting to a certain cost center

User interface improvements:

  1.  An alert will be displayed when license is due to expire within 90 days.
  2. A new permission add for the Replacement Manager, the admin may determine if he views data of his employees for requests approval, or only the data accessible to him as per his user profile.

Processing improvements

In order to avoid unnecessary processing, when a user activates reprocessing for the entire organization an alert will appear indicating the quantity of employees to be processed.

Work Rules

Updating of Work rules will be blocked to user with read only permission.


  1. Scheduling VS. Actual report: printed in CSV format.
  2. When clicking report preview an additional tab opens and a loading report message appears until the reported is loaded.

Manual Edit

A description was added above the attachment button indicates the acceptable document format.



Doors and Security Groups: when searching for a door/group, all doors consisting of the searched value will appear.


In SYnergy: – a new Communicates add via SFTP protocol. – Terminal is reset instead of reboot. A quicker process. – Firmware may be remotely upgraded.

* Settings are sent instead of programming.


Harmony Smart:

  1. Icon and menu replaced, calendar is compatible with interface language.
  2. User should activate GPS when reporting for establishing his location.

Access Control

System supports Pan–tilt–zoom Samsung cameras and their equivalent camera server: includes video and playback.


Department Absence Type Report (Monthly matrix report): It is possible to display employees who are currently at work.

A new report: Manager report approval report.

Home Page

  1. Approved/Unapproved future absences will be marked (for manager) in green and red respectively.
  2. customer that using the balance tracking module, after selecting an absence type, the following data will be displayed: existing balance, time accumulated from beginning of month and number of remaining days for this absence type.
  3. It is possible to display requests for approval/employees for replacement manager

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