Lesson 12 – Guard Map

| 15th April 2015

Guard Map

Define the Guard (maps)

Guard maps are defined in the Design Site window.

The Edit Site toolbar contains all of the tools needed to develop a map


Edit Site Toolbar


2The Map Lock button is used to either lock the map and disable editing and changing or setting map definitions, or unlock to enable editing the graphic elements on the map.
3The Level button inserts a floor element on your map. You can name this element to differentiate it from other map elements.
4The Large Building button enables placing a large multi-story building element on your map.
5The Medium Building button enables placing a medium-size multi-story building element on your map.
6The Small Building button enables placing a small multi-story building element on your map.
7The Import Picture enables importing a picture of your organization’s building.

Begin by creating the relevant buildings.
image 02


Adding Buildings

Next, select a building and create all of the floors in that building. You can import a drawing of the floor plan
image 03
Floor Plan in the Design Site Window


In this window, you can unlock the Floor Plan and enlarge the view on screen.

image 04

Floor Plan (Enlarged View)

Once unlocked, add and remove doors, controllers, terminals, etc. to correspond to the physical setup. In a multibuilding site you can import a street map and place the buildings on the map.

image 05

Guard main screen


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