Lesson 16 – SY400 – Access and T&A Transactions

| 27th April 2015

SY400 – Access and T&A Transactions

Harmony divides the transactions for two different codes and methods:

  • T&A – (usually A100, B200)
  • Access Control- (usually F001, F003)

It is possible using the Access control first entrance and last Exit movements for Time and Attendance

Open System Def. à Transactions Structure:

Entrance transaction

  1. Select Access Entry transaction type:
  2. Change Action type = Open record
  3. Change Assign records to Access & Attendance
    image 01

Exit Transaction:

Select Access Exit transaction type:

  1. Change Action type = Close Record
  2. Change Assign records to Access & Attendance
  3. Restart Harmony and SyServer services
    image 2



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