Lesson 23 – Parameters

| 21st July 2015

Communication  Module

Parameters tab

The Harmony communication module intermediates between the User interface, the terminals and the readers installed on various locations in the organization. This connection provides up to date information on attendance and additional activities of interest (such as production) which enables keeping track and following-up on the activities. Harmony relies on SYServer, to communicate with the terminals and readers gathering the information. Harmony client does this by sending commands to the SYServer. SYServer, which is meanwhile in listening mode, receives the commands and uses it’s DLL program to exchange information with the terminals (using a COM Object method). The Harmony communication module is installed under the MTS Object Manager. This chapter is structured around information on the system rather than the order that the keys appear in the Harmony GUI.

General tab

Collected Data-Location of the data received from the terminals.
Save Backup to-Backup path for transactions received from the terminals.
Save FPU template to-Where enrolled fingerprints will be saved.
RDY Files Directory-Location of terminal programming RDY files.
Run Before-The application to run before the operation.
Pictures directory-The location of the pictures used with the application.
LPR-The location where the license plate recognition (LPR) pictures are saved.




Automatic upgrade tab

In this tab you define information for sending interfaces.

Upgrade Harmony Client- XXX

Address- IP address of the FTP server.

TCP Port- Designated TCP port.

Location- Folder name if needed.

Operator- The name of the user who will be permitted to use this FTP (restricted).

Password- FTP user password for use of this FTP (restricted).


SyServer tab

To communicate with SYserver define the following parameters:.

Address- Location of SYServer installation.

Description- An identifying description of the SYserver.

TCP Port- Fill-in the TCP designated port.

Time-out- Waiting time between two communication activities.

Retries- The number of attempts to maintain communication with the terminal.

Notifier tab


Address- The address where the message is sent.

Description- A short description.

TCP port- The Notifyer TCP port for sending the message.

Time out- The amount of time to wait for a connection, before cancellation.

Retries- The number of tries to make a connection.


Access Control tab

Real Time Check Tab- For defining realtime tests for the access control module which are different from tests performed in offline mode:

Valid- Select to activate the access control parameters and select the parameters to use. Checkmark the various validation options.

Check safety training validity- Checks time passed from last safety training, according to the number of days specified. (to determine if a refresher course is required??).

Check contractors inactive for- Checks contractors that were not active for the specified number of days.

Notify of events which occurred within the last _____ seconds- Checks for special event which occurred during the specified number of seconds.

Allow Interactive with the guard screen- Enables interactivity between this application and the guard screen.

DVR/NVR Camera Server??- Guard – Live View-

Camera Server – Live View-

Live View on both servers-

New Event Options – Specify the actions to occur on the Security guard application when the selected conditions occur.

Attendance tab

Save query transaction to database- Marking this option saves the query transaction for re-use.

LPR tab


Quality-The lowest quality of LPR picture quality to accept.
Time-out-The time to wait for the employee to swipe a card, if needed.
Save licence plate-Whether to save the licence plate number in the system.
Wait for employee to report?-Specify whether the driver needs to also swipe a card, to be verified by the system.
LPR Report only-The car is allowed to enter without the driver swiping a card.
Car checkup on-Car List – Checks if the car is listed in the employee car list.Visiting card – Checks if the car is listed in the visitors car list.



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