Lesson 8 – Customization

| 8th April 2015


Although many customers are willing to use the standard interface it is important to know that you can customize every element of the GUI in the System Def. > Global Parameters > Colors and Global parameters > System Manager > Glossary.

Global Parameters

The Global Parameters section lets you change the following:

  • Defaults to be used by Harmony
  • Card specifications (data length, alignment, type of card, etc.)
  • Look and feel of the Harmony GUI
  • Approval levels for different Harmony users for the E-Harmony web application
  • Parameters related to reports
  • Modules and features that are included in the Harmony installation
  • Settings for the PIP application

You can find a complete list of the Global Parameters and the possible values in the Maintenance > Global Parameters section of the Harmony Manual.

Commonly Used Global Parameters

The following list contains the global parameters that are changed most often.

  • Card structure – setup the value and direction of the padding character (default = left)
  • Time difference between records – 300 sec recommended
  • Colors for error 1 (error) and error 2 (exceptions)
  • Web parameters when using the E-Harmony module
  • Reports – company name
  • Modules – disable unused modules (recommended)

Note: Each of the above menus contains other parameters that can also be changed.

Setting the SY-Server Connection

All the items below are described in the Maintenance > Transaction Structure section of the Harmony Manual.

  1. Define parameters in Harmony for the SY-Server (communication server).
  • Go to Communication > Parameters > SY-Server and set the server IP and port number.

The IP must be the IP of the server running SY-Server.

The port number must be port 5005 or above ( default 6000).

  • Define the same communication port on the SY-Server or SY bridge  and restart the Harmony server.

Figure 1: Define Communication Port on the SY-Server

To check the communication between Harmony and SY-Server, go to the Setup Communication > Remote Command listener  menu and check the network parameters.

Go to communication -> status and check status

If you get this error:

  • Check the IP defined in the Harmony parameters and make sure it is the IP of the SY-Server.
  • Check the port number defined in the Harmony parameters under the SY-Server tab and at the SY-Server. Make sure that the same port number is defined in both locations.

Changing and Defining Terms in the Glossary

  1. Select Global parameters > System Manager > Glossary.02

Figure 2: Path to the Glossary

  1. Login. The default password is the value of m*d, where m = the month and d = the day of the month. For example, on June 12 the password is 72 (m = 6 and d = 12)

If the password is correct the Glossary screen will open.


Figure 3: Glossary for GUI Text

  1. Click the tab for the type of GUI item you want to change.
  2. Type the word to search for into the Find what field.04

Figure 4: Searching for the Word “Department”

  1. Type the replacement text into the Replace with field.
  2. Click the Find next button to show the first Glossary entry to be replaced.
  3. Click the Replace button to replace the text in that Glossary entry.
  4. Repeat Find next and Replace until you have changed all Glossary entries that you want to change
  5. When you are finished, click OK to exit the Glossary.

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