New survey states: The labor market in Israel opens it arms to the over 45’s

| 9th July 2018


According to Synel’s research, 66 percent of managers say they employ workers aged 45 and over and also employ after retirement age.

“Many organizations are adoptingadvanced policies”, says Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO of Synel.

The general opinion in Israel is that those aged 45 and over who have lost their jobs find it difficult to return to labor market because it is not open to those age groups.

However, The Israeli high-tech company Synel, which develops software solutions for employee management published the SYNDEX survey, which examines the national employment trends and it found the opposite: 66 percent of the directors of the companies who participated in the survey announced that they continue to employ workers aged 45 and over.The survey, attended by 102 CEOs, HR VPs and HR managers from a variety of organizations, have a positive attitude towards older employees. Another surprising finding is that 67 percent of managers noted that they continue to employ workers who have passed the retirement age if they have expressed a desire to continue their work rather than retire.

The survey also reveals that the work-from-home trend is increasing despite reports of a reduction in large companies such as IBM and Yahoo. In addition, 54 percent of managers in Israel allow workers to work from home, which is surprisingly good because of the conservative
situation that characterizes many companies in Israel.The survey also found that 85 percent of managers in large and medium-sized organizations prefer to recruit workers within a radius of up to 25 kilometers from their workplace, a trend that is conservative considering the tendency of many workers to seek jobs in remote areas.

“The SYNDEX survey shows a mixed picture regarding the management of human resources in organizations in Israel,” said Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO of Synel, “On the one hand, very few organizations leverage the many benefits inherent in practices such as employee experience management that many organizations in the world enjoy. On the other hand, there is a critical mass of organizations in Israel that adopt advanced policies regarding employment for older workers, employment diversity, the possibility of working from home and the possibility of working beyond retirement age. We also see that a vast majority of managers understand that shortening the work week will not harm their company’s production”.

Buganim concluded: “One of our conclusions from this mixed situation is that managers and human resources managers should be exposed in a profound way to the best human resource management practices used by successful organizations throughout the world. I am convinced this knowledge will help employees and managers maximize the human potential on which the prosperity of organizations and the Israeli economy is based. ”

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