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Round table meetings with the CEO are important for the well-being of employees!

| 23rd February 2022

Round table meetings with the CEO are important for the well-being of employees!

Although it seems that the pace of business does not allow for rest, you should slow down a bit, take a break and let’s talk about everything! Here at Synel we call it “round table meetings with the CEO ”

What is a “round table” meeting with the CEO?

Most of the time in business meetings, the CEO gather around the meeting table while discussing numbers, put their fingers on reports, watching presentations and forecasts floating over the vast ocean that has life in it.

And what happens next is more of “the earth is flat” claimed by the English inventor Samuel Rowbotham.

Psychology and philosophy are met in line for the kitchenette when a new capsule is loaded for the coffee machine, in short conversations in the long corridors of the organization and even inside the elevator to the 27th floor.

“While emotions do not get on a respectable stage and even worst are hidden, organizations only display numbers in their storefronts and begin to lose their meaning” Erez Buganim explains.

Round table meetings are just the place to present meaning, vision and emotional intelligence of the organization towards their employees.

This is one of the subjects that are repeatedly being talked about right now in the modern business world – meaning.

Man seeks the meaning and triangle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!

What is meaning?

Is it the same for everyone?

It is more important to understand that every employee in the organization has basic needs and not to forget in any way that he has a meaning that needs to be fulfilled just as the organization has a vision, every employee is also asking himself:

Why does the organization do what it does?

What is it doing?

And for whom?

Managers must know their employees and employees must know their managers.

It sometimes happens that employees are struggling in their daily difficulties and all the talk about numbers and goals conflicts with their current situation.

They are unable to meet their household chores and family nest, and if so, how will they come to a sense of meaning without communication and encouragement that the situation will improve.

And at the business table they sit and talk about goals and create a pressure cooker for the company’s employees

The roundtable meetings take care of the same basic needs of each employee in the organization and present him with the picture of what the organization looks like without numbers, reports, or sales goals but more about vision, what are the organization’s goal, and how the organization impacts others. Those will continue to reflect on other employees in different companies after the phone call or video chat – everything is basically a circle of needs.

Each company economy and culture help another company and once everyone does it – hundreds of thousands of workers return home to their families with the strength and mood to continue with household chores and give their full attention to the family nest.

The employees at the center of things!

Complete the answer – our employee in the center of things because _______?

Many organizations are working for the preservation and well-being of employees but are still too far from putting him at the center of things. First, they think about the productivity and growth that the same employee can produce for them

If Dana does not create 100 cold calls and John fails in closing 10 sales – there is no reason for us to worry about them

“Only a brave enough organization will take care to put its employees at the center of things, because it takes a risk, but only an organization that takes risks is an organization that puts the well-being of employees high in its priority,” Erez Buganim details.

Risk is a synonym for trust – the organization trusts in its employees – its employees trust in the organization.

Employee trust and collaboration as a tool for creating organizational connectedness and resilience in times of crisis!

Trust and giving freedom of action under freer and more creative procedures give employees confidence and sometimes it happens that there is a crisis and the golden “Kinzugi” that connects the broken pottery is the same trust powder and not by chance.

Eye to eye!

An eye-level conversation to overcome obstacles together, to show that we are all human beings with basic needs that need to be accommodated first and foremost and only then the other needs. Interpersonal relationships and good communication create new opportunities between the organization and its employees.

They should know NLP, mindfulness methods and attend lectures by people who have already done something very significant, these will make a difference. Take care of their basic needs and lead them to the apex of Maslow’s triangle of needs.

A caring human resources department!

When was the last time you talked in a relaxed atmosphere about issues that have nothing to do with goals and what happens at work?

There is nothing new under the sun. The more the communication is open, creative, and respectful of any opinion so there can be upward directed changes in the organization. Employees will subconsciously harness tasks and destinations even without being asked.

Organizations that advocate for roundtable meetings are not afraid to share and let human needs be exposed up front.

Touch people and give meaning!

Hundreds of employees in different positions and from different worlds are involved in all the business conduct between companies, and yet as soon as an employee is satisfied, he publicizes the feeling on the other side of the phone or in the physical meeting.

Increasing the importance of vision in the business world, round tables and professional forums is more important than ever.

Until recently people would choose the route to get to the workplace they wanted. Today people are choosing a workplace to get to the tracks that are important to them.

Employees as strategic partners – employees are connected!

Personal development of employees is a necessary thing and should be especially in areas where they are not good and do not have enough knowledge to improve themselves but if they had they would lead a better lifestyle like household management, financial management, investments, self-realization, pay slip, Secretions, self-worth.

Once employees are given such tools that directly impact their personal lives, they are strategic partners in the organization – they now understand what it means to be efficient, work smart, earn more, be organized, and be invested in the organization.

This is where the strongest employees are connected – an organization that cares about the employee’s lifestyle.

The employee is looking for meaning – sponsored by the organization!

“An average worker in the country, spends about 8 hours in his workplace every day which is half of his remaining time so there is no reason in the world not to invest the organization’s time in the employee, it is an important part of the organization’s growth and my personal stamp” Erez informs us we are interrupting him to talk to employee for the company until it reaches everyone.

It is very important for Erez to encourage employee empowerment – “Organizations need to provide as much information as possible to their employees, so in round table meetings I give them all the answers” with the help of two specific types of information that are important for empowerment, he fulfills this:

  1. Information regarding the organization’s tasks – for employees to feel able to take initiative and act independently in the course of their work, they must know and understand what the main goals of the organization are.
  2. Information about the organization’s performance – Employees need to know how successful or unsuccessful the organizational units to which they belong are to influence unit decision making to improve or maintain performance.

Sponsoring the meaning of the employee will pay off for you


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