SYNEL MLL PayWay has successfully implemented a payroll system in the Super-Pharm pharmacy chain store

| 29th September 2013

SYNEL’s HARMONY system will manage and control the generation of 6,500 Super-Pharm employees’ paychecks. HARMONY is a centralized and advanced system for workforce management software and payroll calculation.

SYNEL MLL PayWay, a world leader in the development and production of data collection systems and solutions for workforce management of time & attendance, payroll, HR and access control, has announced today the successful application and implementation of a HARMONY system for the management and generation of paychecks in Super-Pharm, the largest pharmacy chain store in Israel.


This project included upgrading of an existing payroll system, to HARMONY, an advanced system developed by SYNEL MLL PayWay. HARMONY is a centralized and advanced system for workforce management and payroll. The system, which may be accessed via a web browser, enables control and follow-up of management processes and generation of paychecks, including transfer of memos and data between the involved organizational parties. The system also has a variety of advanced tools for data retrieval and analysis (e.g. reports).

Erez Buganim, Marketing VP at SYNEL MLL PayWay, says: “the benefits of the transition to Harmony are numerous: Super-Pharm payroll process will become far more efficient with a centralized database, accessible to all personnel management parties within the organization via web. 6,500 employee paychecks will be issued efficiently and accurately. We thank Super-pharm for deciding to collaborate with SYNEL and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in the future.”

SYNEL MLL PayWay Ltd, under the management and ownership of Gabi Buganim, is a publicly traded company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which along with its subsidiaries, develops and manufactures data collection and management systems including: employee attendance, payroll, HR, visitor management, shift management as well as access control systems implementing advanced biometric fingerprint and face recognition technologies. SYNEL’s systems are marketed in Israel and abroad via various subsidiaries and distributors with faithful support rendered to all customers. SYNEL MLL PayWay Israel maintains activity in the payroll and HR fields as well as in the commercial real-estate field.


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