Synel has successfully implemented an integrated system to manage the workforce at Psagot Investment House

| 9th July 2018

 Synel which provides a wide range of software integrated hardware solutions for Workforce Management in organizations has successfully implemented an integrative solution that includes a system for workforce management software and biometric terminals at Psagot Investment House.

The implementation project lasted approximately seven months and ended in April 2018. Harmony’s workforce management system enables investment managers at all levels of the organization to manage all their employees and visitors activities through convenient and friendly tools online  from anywhere and at any time.

Synel’s workforce management solution enables you to fully manage your payroll, attendance, security , reporting and control systems. Among others, Harmony manages salary calculations, generates pay slips, manages employee attendance data in the organization, and transfers them to the payroll processing function. The human resources module includes components such as employee recruitment, personal information file’s for each employee, course management, information management and personal events, together with filling and electronic management of form 101 for employees. Harmony is an integrative system in which each information item is received only once and transferred to all relevant modules. The system can be implemented gradually according to the needs of the organization at any point in time.

 The Synel’s system manages access control and attendance control in a 15 floors building that includes almost 1,000 employees at the Psagot Investment House headquarters in Tel Aviv. The investment house chose to upgrade the old terminals to SYNERGY, a unique terminal based on the Linux operating system and operating in real time facing the Harmony server.

Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO of Synel said: “The preference of a leader company such as Psagot with Synel’s systems, further strengthens the trust given to us by leader organizations in the Israeli market. Prior to implementing Synel’s solutions, Psagot made use of several separate systems. The new Harmony system enabled Psagot to combine all the relevant softwares into one software and one vendor. This important decision by Psagot management will improve the profitability of the organization and the ability to make decisions in real time, which will strengthen the organization’s management and operation capabilities”.

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