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| 30th October 2019

More than 2 million employees access our systems at 4 times a day.

According to Erez Buganim Deputy and Acting CEO of Synel, “The human resources world needs to reinvent itself through technological innovations to create the added value that goes far beyond reporting attendance and processing employee payroll. The solutions we need today are the use of technology platforms to make a meaningful connection between the employee and the organization and as such, the result is a belonging sense of the employee and his or her emotional commitment to the organization. ”

“Today many companies have already internalized that the employee is an asset and not just a corporate server tool and as such resources must be invested to improve its benefits and the benefits of the organization. About a decade ago, the customer was at the center – “As a technology company that provides human resource management solutions for many organizations in Israel and around the world this insight is an integral part of all our technological advancements. Today, Synel Systems is embedded in thousands of organizations in the Israeli market and we meet approximately 2.2 million employees each day who use Synel solutions.”, Said Erez Buganim, a deputy and acting CEO Synel.

Synel provides hardware-integrated software solutions for managing human resources in organizations. The company was founded in the 1990s and was issued on the Securities Exchange in 2001 and is currently worth NIS 220 million. The Synel Group has two subsidiaries in the field of human resource management, one in the United Kingdom, operating in the European and Middle East countries (EMEA) and the other in Phoenix, Arizona, operating in the North American, South and Latin American markets. Through its subsidiaries, Synel operates distributors in approximately 34 countries in the world, not including the US and the UK.

Synel has approximately 10,000 customers in Israel, which are among the largest companies in the economy. One in three mediums to large enterprises in Israel is a customer of Synel. We have approximately 200 employees in Israel and dozens more in overseas subsidiaries. The company’s headquarters are in Yokneam, where the Group’s development and management center is located. The support and service center for the Israeli market is in Ra’anana and answers approximately 65,000 inquiries a year.

According to Buganim, “The millions of employees in the world who are using our systems are proof of our success.” He noted that the company is continuing its growth process. “We are active in almost every organization with more than 150 employees.” Synel’s clients include the National Insurance Institute, local authorities, Bank Hapoalim, Partner, SuperPharm, Rami Levy, Refael, Electra Infrastructure, Elbit Systems, and Zap Group. Synel has won the government ministry’s tender and provides the various offices and their units with attendance reporting solutions. “We meet employees in a variety of ways,” Buganim noted, By the attendance terminals, cloud attendance management system, payroll system or ancillary salary and clearing the pension savings of employees for the employer for all 131 pension and savings organizations in Israel. This is in tandem with security system management services and logon controllers using smart analytics.

He said, “In the field of clearing employees’ pension money, we serve more than 200,000 people in some 700 organizations, a service we launched three years ago.” Buganim noted that the company’s core business is cloud presence and payroll management software in the organization alongside human resources operations, “We are the only player with a holistic solution, independent development beyond payroll which also includes attendance terminals, HR systems, shift management, and management Security systems and more all in one unified system.

Technology-based emotional commitment

“The human resources world needs to reinvent itself through technological innovations to create the added value that goes far beyond reporting employee attendance and processing. The solutions we need today are the use of technology platforms to make a meaningful connection between the employee and the organization as such, which results in the employee’s sense of belonging and his emotional commitment to the organization.

“We create the employee engagement in the new generation of the time and attendance terminal so that they are in fact a very advanced and smart attendance terminal.  We do this through our new terminals- which have intuitive and friendly screens as well as using the app in a Java open workspace according to the individual and unique needs of each organization. Such systems can ‘talk’ and interact with social media platforms in light of the open work environment. The more people invest in human capital at technological and emotional levels – the more it positively affects employee productivity and individual satisfaction. “

“Personnel – the most valuable resource in the organization”

It should be understood, Buganim said, “that in the Western world manpower is the most valuable resource in the organization. It is a significant and the highest component of business overheads so it must be managed correctly, smartly and efficiently with the ability to make dynamic and real-time changes. When there is a system that knows how to receive and transmit data Executive, CEO, or CFO / Human Resources can make informed and real-time decisions based on real-world data.

Our platform sits on several databases in parallel: attendance, shifts, salaries, and pensions. In this way, you can create a higher quality BI (real-time business analysis) based on more different layered parameters in the business at the same time. Our system is open and interfaces with the most common ERP systems. We have one database layer where the data is entered, and they serve the various modules that the organization uses according to its changing needs from time to time. Only one employee or supplier needs to be defined once, and from there the data is updated in all modules that the client chooses according to his needs. ”

“A workplace is not just the pay and conditions,” Buganim explained, “a white-collar worker will think twice about moving to a competitor if he is emotionally connected to the organization and we now have tools that help organizations manage to create such an employee’s emotional commitment to the organization. It is a management communication tool with the employee, from the base through personalized attendance messages such as: “Good morning, meet you  on the 11 AM on the yoga mat”, or “congratulations for your birthday” to more advanced and developed communication which exists in all of us as human beings and it also connects us with employees in an organization that are not part of its department.

The applications for this form of communication are endless, thus  through us it is already possible to offer the employee very valuable offers for him and in optimal market conditions  such as increasing the bank’s credit limit without commissions, discounted fuel, purchasing sustainable products and / or food at significant benefits in relation to the economy as a result of saving and selling costs and direct and indirect access Mid-consumer is the employee in the organization. ”

“Access to daily communication between the employee and the organization is the future,” Buganim concluded, “For the most part in implementing new technology  the Israeli market is 3-4 years behind the North American market but in this area  one of our greatest advantages in the Israeli market is the accessibility to our experience  from the US market for the benefit of the local market as we advance the market in the country for our customers for several years while creating a very significant competitive advantage.

Among other things, we receive inquiries from mature start-ups who understand the importance of our type of tools to strengthen the employee’s sense of belonging to the company.

There is now a phenomenon that is influenced by the development of global technology which turns many of the traditional workers into a “digital hobo”. The place of the smartphone is becoming an integral tool in the business world as well. And as the “digital hobo” moves around the world and generates its income regardless of its location across the globe, so the traditional attendance terminal underwent an evolutionary change as it became a terminal for a mobile phone presence app, thus creating a bridge to the gap as the employee moved away from the workplace. Today, attendance is also a basic communication tool – and an answer for field workers.

Alongside our operations in Israel, we see great potential for growth in international markets, most notably in the US. I expect that by 2020 we will see double-digit growth. We will also continue to invest in the development of digital technologies, to be the first to create innovative solutions for the Israeli and global markets. I would like to take advantage of this stage and congratulate the State of Israel and its citizens that 2020 will be a good productive and technologically efficient year that will lead to a higher and better quality of life and will inspire the global market. ”


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