The way to strengthen the relationship with the employee is to integrate advanced technology systems, said Buganim at the Synel conference in an exclusive article for People and Computers Magazine.

| 19th September 2018

“The human resources world is moving forward rapidly and requires solutions to manage all employee activities. What is needed today is to deepen and strengthen the relationship with employees in the organization. The answer to this is a combination of advanced technologies that wrap the worker with a 360-degrees solution,” said Erez Buganim, the deputy CEO of Synel MLL PayWay.

Buganim spoke at the annual customer conference held by Synel at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv attended by hundreds of the company’s customers.

According to Buganim, “the technological revolutions are changing organizations, managers, employees and their relationships. There is a chain reaction that characterizes the development of organizations and is expected to intensify.

The first link is the digital transformation which requires employees with two skills and capabilities that employees have the highest digital and technological literacy, technical and analytical perception, the ability to quickly and accurately process large amounts of information and produce effective knowledge and decisions. On the other hand another expectation of employees is that it is very difficult to replace computers and robots. To be endowed with the ability to understand deeply and quickly different people, groups, cultures, and values. Employees are required to effectively communicate with a variety of factors, customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues, and the community. The 21st-century worker is required to combine high analytical and cognitive abilities with emotional and social abilities, which are accompanied by a well-developed discernment.

“As a result of the evolving demand for the holistic worker, managers and human resource managers will also have to become holistic managers to stay relevant,” said Buganim. Effective and comprehensive automation for managing human resources (the kind offered by Synel in Israel and around the world) and diverse and balanced human and social skills. ”

“The world today is going to a different place,” Buganim concluded, “and the challenge for every employee and organization is to find out how to add their added values ​​to stay in the playground.”

Prof. David Passig, a future researcher at Bar-Ilan University, said that “the technological revolutions and foremost genetics, nanotechnology and robotics will jump the human race into the evolution and give a dramatic advantage to soft-spoken workers with moral, emotional and social intelligence.”

“The unprecedented pace of emerging technologies leaves people who base their careers only on ‘hard’ skills such as education, professional experience, and professional training,” said Pasig. “These workers will find it difficult to find their way in the future work world. At the same time, the need for ‘soft’ skills in employees will be emphasized considering moral, human and cultural aspects and managing effective communication at work in complex teams. On the cognitive side, employees will be required to achieve new levels of creativity and integrate opposing views to improve products and solutions.”

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