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    Stay in control and now germ-free

    With the need for different service staff, including chefs, waiters and hosts varying on a daily basis, it can be hard to track your employees’ schedules without going into overtime and exceeding your labour budget.

    Manually monitoring these processes can become too tedious and time-consuming. The answer to effectively managing processes related to human capital and cost of labour is automation. With Synel’s cloud-based time and attendance systems, tracking and streamlining employee timekeeping and scheduling becomes a breeze! What’s more, through this automation, you get the time to focus on the quality of your service delivery,  without having to worry about labour costs spiralling unexpectedly.

    • Stay Organised
    • Stay within Budget
    • Stay Compliant
    • Stay In Charge
    • Stay Germ-Free

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    Synel Workforce Management Solutions

    Trusted by leading hotels and restaurants


    Workforce Management Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

    Stay on top of things in the hospitality industry with effective time & attendance systems from Synel UK

    “It’s not easy being a hotel manager. With many hotels and even private homes opening up to people through innovative online platforms, the competition is only getting tougher by the day. Customer satisfaction needs to be your top priority – with social media platforms being at the centre of people’s lives, one bad review is capable of having devastating effects on the reputation of your hotel….”

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