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Futuristic Solutions for Poundland

From Employee Management to Savings – Synel’s solution does it all for Poundland

Poundland is a large, well-known chain of retail stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which has seen exemplary growth from one to over 700 stores in the past twenty-eight years thanks to their simple retailing concept: a wide product range offering amazing value formoney.

With the booming growth in business, came the increasing need for flexibility, customisation and modernisation – and that was where we, at Synel, stepped in to provide our expertise.

Adaptable and Expandable Solution

The traditional paper clocking system within Poundland warehouses had to be replaced, for purposes of practicality as Poundland and its warehouses continue to grow. Syntel’s solution came in the form of a modern, accurate and reliable biometric and a centralised system to monitor working hours across locations. Moreover, the system is also equipped with the capacity to register an unlimited number of employees and is perfect for an ever-growing business like Poundland.

Innovations for Every Need

In addition to attendance management, Poundland also wanted a facility to integrate this data directly into their payroll system.

To address the multi-faceted requirements of Poundland, Synel customised its Time and Attendance System, utilised the inbuilt Scheduler tool to create weekly employee schedules and combined these with the complex T&A rules, enabling the process of “management by exception”, thus freeing managers to manage the business and not the process of reporting on employees.

As cuts and abrasions on employee fingertips are commonplace, given the nature of their work in warehouses, and the risks non-biometric systems present in terms of system abuse and the risk of compromised security, Synel deployed facial recognition biometrics, which have proven to be the  ideal solution for the challenges faced by the business.

Exceptional Results

The solution provided by Synel now ensures Poundland’s systems are now aligned with all regulatory compliances. The company also enjoys increased levels of efficiency through the automation of its administrative attendance and payroll processes.

Synel is also proud to have contributed to Poundland’s business success, by ensuring savings of up to 3% in terms of payroll costs and over 20% on overtime costs.


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