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Hong Kong harbour
Dalian Prison – China

An access control system for managing prison staff and visitors, and comprises Falcon software, and over 100 smart card readers, which are connected to Access III and Access IV controllers. The Falcon software is installed in a central control room, and the system controls all prison entrances and exits, in all 20 prison buildings, which are connected via a separate cable infrastructure. The prison is staffed by over 1,000 people, and a large number of visitors pass through it each day.

China is recently investing large efforts in strengthening and reinforcing newer and stricter security measures in various governmental institutions and sites, and this project forms a part of this new policy.


Hong Kong Harbor

Access control for visitors that arrive from China to Hong Kong, by PRintX and SY-400 controllers.

Cacuan sea-port, Argentina

Access Control over people and vehicles entering the sea-port area, using Falcon software, enabling entry to authorized persons only.

This system enables to maximize the control over pedestrians, passing through turnstiles, and vehicles passing through barriers.


India Harbor

Access control for visitors and vehicles that arrive to port, by PRintX and SY-400 controllers.

Rafael – Armament Development Authority

Hundreds of terminals for attendance reporting. The system transfers data via SY-Server to Synel’s application program (attendance software), which exists in the various sites for over 12 years. The system also includes access control of turnstiles, more than 400 doors and cars gates RFID In all entrances, based on Harmony software and proximity badges.

Yansan Petrochemical Company

A subsidiary of China SINOPEC, and is located between Beijing and Guangzhou. The core businesses of the Company are petroleum refining, petroleum products storage, transportation and marketing, research and development of petrochemical technologies and catalyst.

About 500,000 employees in 50 plants. Currently working with the system – 80,000 employees

So far an access control system has been installed in 4 plants with communication to the company’s headquarters.

Communication is TCP/IP with smart card. This installation includes access control system, parking system and attendance system, and provides central control over all subsidiaries, but each subsidiary can only authorize its own employees


Siemens Sanayi  ve Ticaret  A.S.

  • Number of employees:  5000
  • Number of buildings/branches:  1  building and 2 branches
  • Type of system installed: Time & Attendance, Access Control
  • Number of terminals:  60
  • Type of terminals:  SY-400A/TCP/IP – SY-765/TCP/IP


UK – Ikea & Arcadia

  • IKEA is using Harmony for access control at their flagship UK store in North West London (Wembley).
  • They have 35 doors with SY-400 controllers.
  • They are licensed for 10 managers and 2000 employees.
  • Replaced CRONOS
  • Arcadia are using Harmony and e-Harmony  for T&A at all 3 of their US stores in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas.
  • LV was the first site to go live in March with the other 2 sites coming online in April.
  • They are licensed for 10 managers and 1000 employees.

Mahindra & Mahindra

  • India’s 2nd largest motorcar manufacturer
  • Number of employees: 12,000
  • Type of system installed: Time & Attendance & Access Control
  • Number of terminals: 225


  • World largest ships engines manufacturer
  • Type of system installed Time & Attendance
  • Number of terminals: 50

Tanzania Parliament (Bungetz)

Tanzania Parliament derives its mandate and functions from the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977, the laws of Tanzania and its own rules of procedure AC with Mifare, 55 SY-400, 100 readers, PIN + card, FP, badge issuing for employees and visitors, 1500  user


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