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How to innovate in an organization with over 200 employees

| 5th April 2022

Why 200 employees?  Is there no innovation in smaller companies? We’ve asked Mr. Erez Boganim, CEO of Synel, “Trust me it is easier to create innovation in small commando companies that work in an agile and incremental way. “I actually want to linger and explain to you how to make changes in companies that work in the serial waterfall model.”

From there we start talking with Erez about innovation for organizations with over 200 employees (ie innovation for organizations of large ships).

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What is innovation from your point of view?

“Although there is no unequivocal answer nor does the term in the dictionary satisfy me, innovation is a compound of the ability to predict demand for future needs, artificial intelligence based on real data and sophisticated algorithms while all in super low energy consumption or minimal effort. It is like a relative of efficiency. “Erez Boganim details us

The knowledge, experience, and capabilities that organizations accumulate over many years contain vast amounts of market data and insights thanks to addressing the various needs. They are invaluable assets because they have meaning and impact on the future of each of us.

Synel for example has been operating for over 30 years, consider how much data and insights on the market have been accumulated. Those insights are really the seeds for innovation, especially when it comes to dedicated employees who know the vision very well.

Innovation depends very much on the depth of meaning that can be found in each of the employees.

After so many years, the company’s curiosity for subtleties and big ideas is only developing and growing.

In the world of innovation, we strive to realize the enormous potential that exists in our human capital resource: the company’s veteran employees, the less experienced company employees, customers who demanded customized tailor-made solutions and customers who used the more basic products – we are taking all this information, doing 1 + 1, and get interesting plans and forecasts. So far this is all the internal innovation, and at the same time we will identify new technologies in the market that complement our needs, we will carry out business collaborations and we will carry out applied research in the field.

Merging companies for greater impact

A merger between several companies when put together creates far more significant solutions than having them separately is something that needs to be considered. Every company has views and insights that can ignite innovation.

Organizational Innovation Leaders Program

When you say innovation, somehow you always think it should come from outside the organization, how internal do you think innovation is?

“Without the internal innovation there would be no innovation. For me, innovation is based on the depth of the team’s meaning and the ‘quality of the organization’s vision image’, as far as the organization’s staff understand and understand the picture.

The importance of the act is given to the person who did the act. Anyone who has not been there will not understand the meaning”. claims Erez

To reinforce the meaning, we hold “round table meetings” and hold a program of leading internal organizational innovation, all at eye level.

When we all go to bed with the thoughts and worries of what’s going on in the organization and how we will resolve them the next morning because there is an important reason then we can start talking about innovation.

And it really does not contradict the balance between work and personal life. On the contrary. Satisfaction and meaning make it possible to be in “flow” and be significantly more relaxed.

Changes in organizations

Many organizations right now are talking about significant change, employee retention, transmitting the vision to all employees and meaning and purpose.

The pace nowadays is extremely fast, and any change should be made as fast as possible.

On the other hand, a rapid change in the organization can lead to difficulties and too rapid erosion. And here we need to look again at a long-term vision.

Why do innovation and entrepreneurship come together?

Like watching a block of ice melt and turn into a puddle of water, entrepreneurship is simply a different state of aggregation, but the essence is the same. I always see the connection between entrepreneurship and innovation as complementary.

Entrepreneurship moves in the free axis and jumps into the deep water as opposed to innovation that moves within clearer and more established definitions.

Competitors, communities, and collaborations

To what extent is the pace of innovation affected by the activity of competitors?

“Who wouldn’t want competitors? Who wouldn’t want to get better? There are dozens of hub’s, innovation centers and communities in the country designed for collaborations as each participant learns important lessons about innovation.

Innovation and time are woven together in both evening and evening so competition and collaborations significantly shorten the time it will take us to produce innovative solutions. I am in favor.

Round table meetings with employees and customers

Synel has a history of hundreds of roundtable meetings, can you explain why they are so important to the organization?

“Round table meetings are just the place to present meaning, vision and emotional intelligence. I invite you to come and see for yourself. Meetings get so many insights and micro-accuracies that give fuel to the internal innovation in the organization.”

“Employees are flooding their emotions and difficulties and our customers are flooding their coping and slowly together we are turning them into revolutionary strengths and ideas.”

Identify future growth and demand

How far should we look?

Predicting future demand is an important parameter to present the profitability of the effort and the larger the organization, the more complicated it is that something is related.

Statistical forecasts that show the expected growth and growth in 5 years – CAGR are certainly helping to understand the possibility of market analysis and the level of market awareness of solutions to the same problems, but it is not enough. And here again a large organization has many advantages because it has a lot of data and conclusions that should be overlapped on top of the same market research and identify the significance of our effort.

Avoid bottleneck

The size of the organization sometimes creates wind but in a different direction, how do you solve this?

A large organization with lots of employees and many years of seniority can be slow and not assertive in making the decisions that ultimately lead to problem solving. Innovation is a long marathon, so it is important that there is no narrow and thin bottleneck, that there is no movement in only one direction into a black hole but to work in a matrix way with several projects in parallel and preserve the energy of the people.

Where do you continue from here?

“To connect the tremendous innovation that exists in the fields of employee involvement, employee management in the most efficient way and Synel’s activity in attendance and payroll in both hardware and advanced software solutions.” Mr. Erez Boganim concludes.


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