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harmony workforce management software
Workforce Management Software
| 18th November 2015

workforce management mostly designed to assig the employees right. The most popular workforce management actions…

Attendance Management System
| 17th November 2015

Today small, medium and big organizations time management system demanding more features and full integration…

SY Face 210
Face recognition software
| 15th November 2015

Synel face recognition software developed using high level Microsoft tolls, by working with the software…

Reporting and Control Systems
| 12th November 2015

Synel MLL PayWay LTD. Is a world leader in development and manufacture of modular workforce…

Cost Center Management
| 11th November 2015

Harmony Cost Center Management Tracks employees working hours for each employee in the organization, including…

Facility Management System
| 10th November 2015

Harmony Facility Management System module provides the organization manager the ability to track, manage, report,…

Vehicle Access Control System
| 9th November 2015

Harmony Vehicle Access Control System managing access solutions and parking systems in your organization Synel…

Visitor Management System
| 8th November 2015

Synel MLL Payway is a leading Access Control developer and our Visitor Management System meet…

Telephone Reporting System
| 5th November 2015

What is it Telephone Reporting System The Telephone Reporting System is an electronic service that…

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