Access Control Software for Small companies: HARMONY Cloud

HARMONY’s Access Control Software for small companies has a CCTV monitor and allows employee card swipe. The access control software is a very useful tool for employees’ management.

HARMONY’s access control software provides pre-defined area access restrictions, employee’s actual location display, and generates reports of an individual’s movements for security purposes.

HARMONY Access Control Software provides:

  • Access authorizations to physical areas/time-zones/employee population
  • Burglar/open door alerts
  • Events Graphic presentation of
  • Unlimited number allocations of security groups per employee
  • Online display of areas by events
  • Email, SMS, and Visual Guard App alerts for irregular activity
  • Guard screen enables supervision of pre-defined events
  • Events can be rated according to priority/severity
  • Parking lot gate control using a Smartphone.
    main screen - Event