Door Access Control System for Mid-Size Companies: HARMONY Light

Mid-Size companies can make great use of HARMONY’s door access control system that provides a CCTV monitoring interface, employee card swiping, and maps and active visitor synchronization. The door access control system are the ideal tool for employees and work area management.

HARMONY door access control systems have an individual’s exact location real-time display; it provides access restrictions to defined areas, and security report generation of location and movements of same individual.

The benefits of HARMONY Door Access Control System for mid-size companies:

  • Different clearances levels to locations/time-zones/employees
  • Internet interface for visitors invitation
  • Alerts Burglar/open door
  • Visitor reports
  • Graphic presentation of events
  • Unlimited number of security groups provisions per employee
  • Online view of areas by events
  • Alerts for irregularities via email, SMS, and Visual Guard App
  • Guard screen allows pre-defined event management
  • Events can be assessed based on priority/severity
  • Smartphone parking-lot gate control