Visitor Management System: HARMONY

HARMONY’s Visitor Management System allows the user to prepare for planned visits and review a list of visitors due arrive, for security and guard management purposes.

Future visitors in an organization are defined in advance in the visitor management system. Data such as visit time frame and staff appointed to host and in-charge of the visits, is also updated in advance. An arriving visitor is given a temporary entry permit.

Harmony’s Visitor Management System is a flexible Visitor Management System for managing and monitoring the company visitors.

The benefits of using Harmony visitors are:

Generate visitors report at any time, any manager may access the visitors list and view the visitor hosting contact details. Part of the Harmony visitors module there are some other modules which allow -Badge production for any type of badge, Parking module is also available as part of the Access Control and will allow visitors parking permissions.

Harmony visitors designed for friendly and easy handling system, Managers that have permission may enter the software and send their visitor date and time and information, the details are sent automatically to the guard to accept the visitor when he arrives.


Synel MLL Payway is a leading Access Control developer. Our Visitor Management System meets the requirements of small, Medium or large organizations.


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