Employee Scheduling Software: HARMONY

An organization encompassing solution software for employees' shift organization.

Rather than manually organizing shifts, HARMONY’s work schedule module is an Employee Scheduling Software that will help you save precious time planning and organizing your shifts and assigning the most suitable people on the job.

The employee scheduling software has smart assignment algorithm, which is based on constraint optimization while taking into account employee, company and customer requirements. This software enables you to maximize your existing human resource and keep your employees and customers satisfied.

Most managers know how much time consuming it is to maintain employee scheduling. In addition to other tasks of employees management,

As a manager you should know how important it is to schedule your employees and tracking the hours your employees have worked.

Employee scheduling software that’s combined in your time and attendance system will help reduce the amount of time managers spend and will do it better than any other system that’s not scheduled with the employees’ attendance and absence plan software.

Most employee scheduling software’s are independent software that only lets you set up schedules days, weeks or months in advance. Some even let employees sign on, view and request for breaks, shift timing, and swapping shifts with other workers, and then the manager approves the requests.

Every SME and large business’s work differently, and each one prefers setting its own employees scheduling at the same way they always did. And most of the time the scheduling doesn’t meet other departments needs and sometimes interrupts the day routine of the organization.

Synel MLL PayWal LTD. designed the employee scheduling software as part of the global workforce management system and shares the information with other departments and employees on-line.


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* HARMONY’s Employee Scheduling Software is available for Large organizations only (500 employees and above).