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Electronic Access Control Systems- Business Report
| 6th August 2017

According to the latest research study released by, ‘Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS) –…

Harmony improvements
| 2nd August 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing said that After…

Synel UK launched a new Workforce Management solution
| 1st August 2017

Synel Mll Payway LTD are hardware and software developers, manufacturers of employee workforce management solutions…

Harmony ranked 21st out of the Workforce Solutions
| 30th July 2017

Harmony software was ranked 21st out of the Workforce Solutions

Synel Smartphone solution
| 27th July 2017

In the resent years most of the internet activities done by using the Smartphone. At…

Why Talent Management Is So Important
| 26th July 2017

Talent management demand the entire organization management team to search and develop the talent in…

Harmony in the Top list of Workforce Optimization…
| 23rd July 2017

Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing. Mr. Erez Buganim, says ” I am…

SYNERGY firmware improvements
| 19th July 2017

SYNERGY the Biometric fingerprint terminal from Synel Mll Payway LTD. the new release version from…

cloud attendance software
| 18th July 2017

HARMONY cloud for employee online time and attendance management system. the Harmony cloud from Synel…

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