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The benefits of PRX-70 reader
| 12th June 2017

The benefits of the new PRX reader that SYNEL launched the PRX-70 are

the benefits of mobile attendance application
| 11th June 2017

Today, the market for mobile devices is one of the fastest growing and developing markets.…

the benefits of face recognition attendance reporting
| 7th June 2017

According to the biometric market research it looks like many companies prefer using the Face…

The benefits of internet Time and Attendance terminal
| 6th June 2017

Today many companies using the internet network, they don’t know yet that by working with…

Why WFM is so important
| 4th June 2017

in the resent years’ WFM systems has become a major solution in many organizations all…

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Why mobile time and attendance app important
| 29th May 2017

Today many clients using any type of workforce management and tracking hours worked by employees,

Facial Recognition the friendly attendance reporting
| 28th May 2017

Facial recognition terminals become very popular for employee’s time and attendance application, thanks to the simple…

Cloud time and attendance terminal
| 25th May 2017

SYNEL Mll Payway Ltf. Presented the new fingerprint terminal – SY-Cloud the advanced terminal that…

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why choosing HARMONY Smart
| 24th May 2017

Harmony Smart in addition to the Harmony Cloud, the Harmony Smart improving organization that today…

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