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Synel successfully implemented an integrative solution that includes a workforce management system and biometric attendance terminals at SolarEdge which develops and manufactures a system for optimization and monitoring of solar energy. The implementation project which lasted about five months ended in March 2018. The Harmony workforce management system installed at SolarEdge includes payroll software, attendance management software, human resource module and digital 101 forms.

On April 1, 2018, an extension order was signed that shortens the working week for full-time workers in the economy from 43 hours a week to 42 hours per week. The new initiative is an opportunity to examine the relationship between the number of hours worked in the economy and the level of prosperity and long-term economic and social strength.

 Synel which provides a wide range of software integrated hardware solutions for Workforce Management in organizations has successfully implemented an integrative solution that includes a system for workforce management software and biometric terminals at Psagot Investment House.


According to Synel’s research, 66 percent of managers say they employ workers aged 45 and over and also employ after retirement age.

“Many organizations are adoptingadvanced policies”, says Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO of Synel.

Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO of Synel: “As a company with most of its employees in Israel located in Yoqneam and a large part of whose employees are from the North and the Valleys, we are happy to sponsor a sports club from the north and the Beach Soccer League as part of our commitment to contributing to the Israeli community”.

Employee Experience (EX) is an approach that recommends that the organization put’s the employee in the center through simple and user-friendly processes to aim what the employee sees, hears, feels and thinks towards improving the employee’s satisfaction, involvement, sense of well-being and contribution. We will present here 8 steps to implement an effective EX strategy.

Talent management demand the entire organization management team to search and develop the talent in each employee in the company. It is a new way of thinking for employees hiring, training, and retention of employees in the organization.

Wonolo web site analyzed and ranked 51 workforce and time and attendance solutions.

Synel Americas is participating at Orlando, the American Payroll Association trade show, the must-attend event of payroll and related technologies.

Synel Americas presenting the state-of-the-art cloud Workforce Management Solutions that published at March 2017.

SYNEL Mall Payway LTD launched “SY-910 ” the advanced facial recognition terminal.

Synel UK is participating for the first time at Retail Business Technology Expo, the must-attend event for retail and hospitality organisations.

SYNEL launched a new proximity reader PRX70 with the secured ABA (14 & 13 char) decoding and keyboard.

How to manage human source without spending a fortune? Erez Buganim in an exclusive interview to the business magazine- Globes.

SYNEL USA launched the new facial recognition SY-910, the advanced Synel SY-Face solution. The SY-910 designed for workforce management and employees time recording.

SYNEL UK the leading human resources innovative management solutions.

Another terminal series advanced face recognition terminals from Synel Mll PayWay LTD.

The SY910 terminal is suitable may be installed as an access control or Time and Attendance terminal.

Synel’s HARMONY cloud and workforce management system was promoted in the world wide global security magazine – “Detektor”.

Synel the sponsor of Bnei Herzliya basketball team and proud of the privilege to support the sport and win!

SYNEL launched a new Harmony payment method to her distributors l over the world.

From today Synel’s distributors may offer clients purchasing Harmony improved payment terms – 36 payments within 3 years.

Proud to be a world leader in the Workforce Management Solutions in UK

Synel Mll PayWay  proud that Synel UK part of the biggest event of the year-the HR Software Show in Olympia, London.

Synel UK will present the latest Workforce Management Solutions

SYNEL is the sponsor of the basketball team, Bnei Herzliya for the recent years


| 8 May, 2016

SYNEL ACADEMY – the Israeli leading professional college

We are proud to introduce to you the SYNEL ACADEMY – the professional college in Israel, supervised by the Chamber of Auditors.

Synel MLL PayWay Ltd. Proud to launch the eleventh club – club of the leading Israelis companies CEOs in their field.

SYNEL sponsored the show “Women” held in honor of International Women’s Day in Yokneam.

Synel is the official sponsor Bnei Herzliya basketball team and proud of the privilege to support the sport and win!

Technavio published new research report for biometric systems market.

At the end of January Synel Mll PayWay employees from several branch’s in Israel the end of year 2015.

Tu BiShvat surprise

| 25 January, 2016

Tu BiShvat – the Jewish holiday  is also called “Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot” which means the “New Year of the Trees”. The Jewish people celebrate this holiday by planting trees and praying for good agricultural and a fruitful year. In schools they also mention the ecological awareness day.

BETT SHOW 2016, British Education and Training Technology Exhibition 2016

The exhibition was held from 20 January, 2016 to 23 January, 2016.

Payroll Seminar

| 5 January, 2016

Payroll Seminar- for CFO’s HR and Payroll managers.
As part of the marketing plan to hold salary seminars every month for payroll managers, CFOs and HR managers, Synel held a seminar last March at the Dan Carmel, Haifa.

Monday, December 29, 2014 the known Jewish youth group from Colombia, on behalf of the project “Taglit”, visited Synel offices.

On Monday (11.16.2015) Synel held a seminar for payroll managers, CFOs and HR managers, at Dan Carmel Hotel in Haifa.

The event reached over 40 participants and they all expressed their satisfaction with the relevant content, compelling speakers and gracious hospitality.

Further process of pension reforms in recent months, with the approval of the budget and the Economic Arrangements Law currently in progress, the changes are clear and Synel is proud to present the division of pension under the direction of Mr. Ilan Regev – former deputy executive LLL insurance, which will give several options regarding the use and pension settlement.

Synel won the tender of the Israely ministry and will replace 3000 terminals
“This is a smart terminal that functions as a personal computer in every aspect, with the Linux operating system running, enables reporting, monitoring and communication with employees,” said Erez Buganim, VP Business Development Company

On Thursday 17.12.2015, SYNEL held an End of year seminar on legal and practical updates for payroll accountants, HR managers and CFOs (17.12.2015) in Tel Aviv. On this occasion we launched SYNEL’s new service – SYNEL Pension Division.

Tislam show from Thursday (26/11/2015) that closed the fundraising event for the children of Alut  (The Israeli Society for Autistic Children), an event that Synel and Buganim family had the honor to sponsor and take part in the throng respected.

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SYNEL sponsored Alut

| 30 November, 2015

The lights are out and the sound is silent, but the sweet taste remains thanks to the visitors responses that keeps coming in.

Synel is a world leader in the development and production of On-Line data collection systems and solutions for workforce management, time & attendance, and job costing applications, access control & Guard screen (with CCTV and Alarm guard control / alert) and time & attendance mobile applications.  

Partners Overview

| 16 November, 2015

Synel has a network of distributors and partners in over 34 countries worldwide, with subsidiaries in the UK, France, Sweden and USA.

Synel’s wide range of solutions includes:

IDC reported: Cloud hosting services market will grow to $40 billion till year 2019

The global market for hosted cloud services in 2014 stood at 8.9 billion dollars. This market is expected to experience an average annual growth of 35.4% and growing according to four. The market volume is expected to reach 40.6 billion in -2019, according to a study by IDC.


| 29 September, 2015

Harmony Smart is an attendance reporting tool for field workers
moving between sites. Reporting is performed via smart phone
or tablet and interfaces directly and fully to the Harmony system.

HARMONY Cyber security

| 29 September, 2015

Synel’s HARMONY security – computer shut-down / Log-off system, was promoted in the well-known security magazine – “Detektor”.
HARMONY cyber security allows your IT manger to control and manage employees PC desktops shut-down or Log-off when the employee swiped for Exit at Synel’s Time and Attendance system.


To learn more about the new security module visit HARMONY Cyber security page:

To view HARMONY cyber security advertising at Detektor magazine (Page 2):

On Monday Dec. 29 2014, a group of Colombian Jewish youngsters visited SYNEL Headquarters in Yoqneam. SYNEL solutions for workforce management by using time and attendance systems.

SYNEL’s HARMONY system will manage and control the generation of 6,500 Super-Pharm employees’ paychecks. HARMONY is a centralized and advanced system for workforce management software and payroll calculation.

Harmony Smartphone

| 18 August, 2013

We are proud to announce that Synel is launching the most advanced attendance app  on your Smartphone.

The main objective of the seminar was to promote the sales and marketing efforts of the Harmony Solution for the clients and representatives of Mikado. Synel also gave the audience a sneak peek of their new Smart Phone Solution for time attendance system.

for 2,500 employees at a large Israeli service & security company- Biometric attendance system terminals which are installed at remote sites and with a large number of employees.

SY-Face Facial recognition software – An Access Control and Attendance system based on innovative face technology will be installed by Synel for Algat.

Synel is pleased to announce that the Argentine National Justice Authority (Ministry of Justice) has chosen Synel’s complete workforce management software for managing the employee attendance in the Justice Authority, whose main office is located in Buenos Aires.

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