Harmony Demo Lessons

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Lesson 29 – Interfaces
| 10th August 2015

Interfaces The interfaces module enables importing ASCII format data to Harmony tables, or exporting data…

Lesson 28 – Exceptions Report
| 10th August 2015

Exceptions Report The Exceptions Report includes all exceptional transactions for employees per a predefined period.…

Lesson 27 – Organization Structure
| 4th August 2015

Organization Structure   The Table toolbar Organization key is used to define the structure of…

Lesson 26 – Understanding Data Flow
| 4th August 2015

Understanding the Data Flow This lesson teaches how data flows through the Harmony system. Flow…

Lesson 25 – Working Environment
| 28th July 2015

Working Environment 1.  SY-Server and Harmony Server Computers The number of employees and Harmony users…

Lesson 24 – SY-NetServer
| 28th July 2015

SY-Server A Synel server application that serves as a mediator between Harmony software and terminals…

Lesson 23 – Parameters
| 21st July 2015

Communication  Module Parameters tab

Lesson 22 – Output Automation from Command Line
| 21st July 2015

Output Automation from the Command Line The output format is described with further detail in…

Lesson 21 – Notifier Module
| 15th July 2015

Notifier Module The Notifier module is described in detail in chapter 17 of the Harmony…

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